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Data is revolutionising the parking experience

17 Jun 2019

Commuting is a way of life for many of us. Last year, it was documented that 9.2 million people drive to work, with the average commuter travelling 16.5km to reach their workplace. The parking experience for commuters is varied as it is frustrating… We’ve all experienced the perils of peak time commuting; coming up against […]

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Mt Hotham streamlines resort entry experience with virtual permit solution

13 Jun 2019

UbiPark has today announced a new partnership with Mt Hotham to streamline its existing virtual permit solution and upgrade the resort entry experience. The upgrade, which has been launched in time for the 2019 ski season, allows Mt Hotham Resort Management Board (MHRMB) to better manage resort entry demands and gain stronger insights for better […]

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Federal Budget 2019 – A good budget for commuters but we need to make it count

04 Apr 2019

UbiPark commends the government for investing an additional $3 billion to tackle urban congestion in their recently released Federal Budget 2019. The additional $500 million for commuter train station parking will certainly be music to commuter’s ears who find parking at train stations full by 7 am. However, we need to make sure we target […]

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Ride-sharing services are increasing city congestion

22 Mar 2019

This article first appeared in the Herald Sun Congestion in Melbourne is costing our economy an estimated $4.6 billion a year and is expected to rise to between $7.6 and $10.2 billion by 2030 unless addressed. This problem us only going to get worse, in part thanks to the increase in ride and car-sharing services, […]

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Parking Continues to be the Political Football of Melbourne

21 Feb 2019

With the next election expected to take place in May this year, Pollies are in full swing when it comes to recommending policies to grab the attention of voters. This couldn’t be more apparent than in Melbourne, with the PM pledging road upgrades and extra train station parking at stations for commuters, in an attempt […]

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Safe driving this Christmas with UbiPark

18 Dec 2018

Christmas is a busy time on our roads, a time we should all take extra care to get to our destination safely. The most important thing is to enjoy time with our family & friends. Road safety often comes into focus at this time of year, a message that is fully supported by the UbiPark […]

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