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Volkswagen purchase Canadian Parking Payments Company PayByPhone.

09 Feb 2017

Many people in Melbourne will know PaybyPhone as the payment app for the City of Yarra. It’s an amazing result for them and the pay by app industry that Volkswagen has taken the step to invest into parking and mobility. In 2016, PayByPhone completed approximately $300 million in parking payments from 12.5 million users in […]

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Has Tesla Fallen to Second Place?

24 Jan 2017

Faraday Future launched its first electric vehicle, dubbed the FF 91 at CES 2017 on the 3rd January.Have we seen the future of parking? Watch the Faraday Future clip below and see for yourself the future of parking:     Bosch also released a similar solution that we first became aware of at the ITS […]

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UbiPark Now Installing Cutting Edge Electronic Rate Boards

15 Jan 2017

UbiPark’s expertise spans far beyond just being an intelligent transport solution. In more recent times we have taken on the added responsibility of supplying and installing new age electronic display screens. It is UbiPark’s vision that these new displays will hopefully render the old static displays mute, as the advantages that come with the new […]

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Top 5 Points that came from the ITS World Congress, PACE and Transport Camp

12 Dec 2016

It has been great to attend the ITS World Congress (Speaker), PACE and Transport Camp over the last 2 months. Here are the 5 top points that our team took out of the 3 conferences. 1. Congestion Levies on Parking Don’t Work The congestion levy aimed at Car Park Property Owners is not working to […]

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Traffic Congestion Tax for Melbourne?

03 Oct 2016

Infrastructure Victoria released its draft infrastructure strategy for Victoria  which included a recommendation to introduce a traffic congestion tax. The question I have is what impact has the curren Congestion Levy had on reducing traffic coming into the city? Yes, we already have a congestion tax / levy!! The current congestion levy was introduced by the […]

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