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Where can I find a parking space?

Motorists can enjoy on map representation of all available car parks based on your current location, or final destination

Make a decision based on car park information provide:


  • Parking locations (on & off-street)
  • Live vacancy (open/closed or available spaces)
  • Rates
  • Height clearance (undercover car parks)
  • Photos of the car park entry
  • Opening hours


Using turn-by-turn navigation, UbiPark will direct you to the best entrance of the selected car park.

Navigate any potential traffic issues with live traffic data feed. Reduce the congestion caused by searching for a car park.

This direct approach to car park selection and navigation reduces the number of vehicles circling city blocks looking for a car space.

UbiPark supports and promotes the safe use of our app whilst operating your vehicle. It is recommended that drivers have their phones secured by a commercially designed phone holder fixed to the vehicle that also doesn’t obscure the view of the road. Voice directions powered by your chosen navigation app (e.g. Google Maps) ensures you focus on the road.


UbiPark access allows permanent or monthly parkers to enter and exit the car park using their smartphone.

More convenient, accurate, and cost effective than solutions relying on physical pass cards or license plate recognition technology, motorists enter and exit at the car park barriers using their smartphone. The UbiPark motorist’s smartphones communicate with small ‘beacon’ devices installed in the car park and upon confirmation by the motorist, the UbiPark system actuates the barrier arm.

UbiPark access is vendor agnostic with regard to the legacy machinery in place in the car park. Forming the basis of UbiPay, UbiPark Access is also available to parking providers as a white labelled system.

Check out the UbiPark Access video


The smartphone app, combined with networking technology installed on-site, paves the way for UbiPark motorists to enjoy a windows-up experience – enter, exit, pay.

A flexible payment platform, that is fully PCI-DSS compliant, providing car park operators with complete car park management:


  • Drive up, casual car parking
  • Account, corporate & permit parking
  • Promotional & loyalty programs
  • Online bookings


A fully branded, customisable parking experience. Seamlessly integrate UbiPark into your existing app or website.

Substantially more cost effective than developing bespoke parking apps, white labelled iOS and Android apps from UbiPark feature:


  • A tailored colour scheme and logos to match corporate branding
  • Both on-street and off-street parking as required
  • Customised map pins
  • The optional ability to activate UbiPark Access and UbiPark Pay when required

Partner Console

Easily manage your customers and parking assets. Plus, detailed business intelligence reporting allows you to track


  • Revenue
  • Activity
  • Navigation
  • Occupancy & much more
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