About Us

What is UbiPark?


For Motorists

UbiPark is one parking solution from start to finish. The Smartphone app gives you the ability to Search, Navigate, Access and Pay, all with a single touch of the button. It is parking made simple.


For Car Park Operators

UbiPark is a powerful, yet simple to use solution for everyday parking problems. UbiPark not only connects motorists to your car park, the platform truly completes the journey, through efficient navigation, car park access, payments and tailored white-label parking solutions.


What is UbiPark?

Driving safely with UbiPark

UbiPark takes the safety of its customers seriously and has designed the app in compliance with Australian laws. We only encourage the use of our app in conjunction with a commercially designed phone cradle and confirming your destination and directions prior to starting your journey.

Prior to leaving & once you have selected your car park destination, the app hands over to your smartphone navigation app of choice, such as Google or Apple Maps, and voice guided directions are provided. Further, the app provides certainty on your parking destination, instead of driving around distracted looking for a free car space.


Our Story

UbiPark was founded in 2013 by Mosstyn Howell, a highly experienced parking industry executive and board member of Parking Australia. Mosstyn’s vision for improved motorist convenience came to fruition with the launch of the UbiPark Smartphone app in November 2015. This was followed in 2016 by inclusion of over 7,000 easily searchable Australian car park facilities and access to detailed metrics for car park operators.

The continuous focus on improving the parking experience for motorists, saw the release of UbiPark Access in 2017, and the introduction of live on-street parking bay availability in April 2018.

Mid 2018 will see the introduction of UbiPay, an in-app payments solution, that will pave the way for motorists to enjoy a true windows up solution – enter, exit, pay. The feature will also streamline payment management for car park operators.

Features & Benefits


Where do you want to park? On map representation of all available car parks based on your current location or final destination. Make your parking decision easier with live vacancy (on & off-street), rates and opening hours.


Using turn-by-turn navigation, UbiPark will direct you to the best entrance of the selected car park. Navigate past any potential traffic issues with the live traffic data feed. Convenient and easy to use, UbiPark takes the hassle out of parking.


UbiPark Access allows registered parkers to access their nominated car park using just their smartphone. Motorists can enter and exit with a single touch.


Coming in May 2018, the UbiPark app combined with networking technology installed on-site, paves the way for motorists to enjoy a windows up experience - enter, exit, pay.


A fully-branded, customisable parking experience. Seamlessly integrate UbiPark into your existing website or app.

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