About Us

Whether you are a motorist or car park owner, UbiPark is revolutionising parking.

What is UbiPark?

UbiPark is a leader in cloud-based parking systems and well known for the UbiPark Smartphone parking app that provides savings and convenience to motorists. UbiPark is revolutionising parking through the platform’s unique ability to aggregate information, including real time parking availability makes this smart city solution a must-have for all those involved in parking cars.

UbiPark is a powerful, yet simple to use solution for everyday parking problems. UbiPark not only connects motorists to the best parking spaces, the platform truly completes the journey,  through efficient navigation, car park access, payments and even tailored, white-label parking solutions.

What is UbiPark?

Our Story

UbiPark was founded in 2013 by Mosstyn Howell, a highly experienced parking industry executive and board member of Parking Australia. UbiPark’s vision for improved motorist convenience came to fruition with the initial version of the UbiPark smartphone app in November 2015. This was followed a year later by version 2.0. and over 7,000 easily searchable Australian car park facilities and unprecedented performance metrics for car park businesses.

The continuous focus on improving the parking experience for motorists, saw the release of UbiPark Access in 2017, and the introduction of live on-street parking bay availability in April 2018.

UbiPark is on track to add a sophisticated payments engine to the solution in May 2018, further enhancing the value for both motorists and car park operators.

Features & Benefits


Our systems contain details of thousands of car park facilities all across Australia. Selecting the best for you is simple quick and easy!


We provide parking-specific, stress-free, turn-by-turn navigation right to the entry of the car park.


With UbiPark's online booking solution, motorists can secure a great deal on the best parking spaces. Car park operators also enjoy increased revenues and patronage.


UbiPark Access is an innovative set of technologies that truly revolutionises off-street parking. Smartphone based, ‘windows up’ entry and exit from car parks.


Coming in 2018, UbiPay will represent the ultimate in car park convenience with motorists no longer have to physically pay at the car park.

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