Tommy Greer Leads an Insightful Presentation on Leadership at UbiCollaborate 2023

December 6, 2023

With UbiCollaborate 2023 now wrapped up, the UbiPark team is taking the time to reflect on the presentations that occurred and how they shaped the success of the event.   

Tommy Greer’s spotlight session at UbiCollaborate 2023 wasn’t just a presentation; it was a masterclass in leadership, setting the stage for the event’s success. The event’s theme, “The Future of Parking, Technology Innovation & EV,” was not only explored but brought to life through Tommy’s insights, drawing parallels between his basketball journey and the essence of effective leadership.  


Leadership within Tommy Greer’s Basketball Career   

At the core of Tommy’s talk was his profound love for basketball, a passion that fuelled his remarkable journey from Melbourne’s local courts to professional leagues. He attributed his success to his family and an inherent adoration for the game, highlighting the values of dedication and perseverance.  

While recounting his career trajectory across teams like the Woodlessy Pacers, Knox Raiders, and the Melbourne Tigers, Tommy showcased not just his personal growth but also the evolution of the National Basketball League (NBL). He emphasised the pivotal role of visionary leaders like Larry Kestelman in transforming the league from a struggling entity into a powerhouse, underlining the significance of adaptability and embracing change.  

He noted, specifically, that Kestelman’s ability to understand what the NBL was lacking, what it needed to thrive and how it could be revolutionised is what has made it the popular sport it is today. Kestelman’s leadership, according to Tommy, wasn’t just about envisioning a successful future; it was about communicating effectively and taking decisive actions to actualise that vision.   



Leadership in forming a new club in the league  

Tommy then explored the journey of forming a new team in the evolving NBL landscape. At the forefront of his journey to complete this was the development of a community connection that clicked with the local fans. Above this, he was also passionate about creating a show that could deliver the ultimate game-day experience for fans. This experience goes beyond the court, with a focus on giving back through mental health initiatives, community programs and more.   

To produce high value in the community, Tommy highlighted the significance of choosing the right coach and players who would gain a quick and loyal following. He focused on those who had strong leadership skills, and who also aligned with the values of his new club. Doing so allowed him to create role models within the community, just as his favourite players were to him when he was growing up. These players would not only stimulate fan engagement, but their passion for helping others, being part of a team and working together toward a common goal would inspire the next generation of basketballers.   


What makes a good leader?   

With a focus on leadership qualities and skills, Tommy wrapped up by defining what he believed was a great leader. He began by reflecting on how he transformed his career from being a professional basketballer to becoming a boss.   

As a young player, he looked up to those who were leaders on the court. As a captain, he identified the importance of building team morale and spirit to form great game results. Now, as the CEO of South East Melbourne Phoenix, he identifies the importance of having a team of leaders as his asset. With this, each member of his club can work toward growth, player development and community involvement each day. 

Though many qualities are critical to forming good leadership, Tommy highlights the importance of communication. Through its ability to align a team, encourage others and help navigate difficult times, such as losses, communication is a uniting force that can influence others. While valuable within his time at the NBL, Tommy also showed how these skills can be carried through to school environments, corporate settings and personal relationships to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential.   


Watch Tommy’s Presentation  

Tommy’s session wasn’t just informative, and it wasn’t just about basketball; it was a lesson in hustle, teamwork, and how to make a real impact on the market.  

Watch Tommy’s full session here