Benefits for BUSINESSES

Health & Safety

Our zero contact parking solution allows your building tenants & guests to enter & exit with their smartphone. With health & hygiene a priority, there’s no need to touch anything to access the building.

Increase revenue

Maximising the utilisation of your car spaces & attracting more customers with available parking will increase your revenue. The experience will also create loyalty, referral business & brand advocacy.


Automated & Intelligent

Our automated parking solution reduces the costs of managing your car park. Save time, save money, and seamlessly deliver a memorable access experience for your tenants & guests.

Seamless & Collaborative

Our project delivery is renowned for being seamless, quick & easy. We collaborate with your business to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our projects create partnerships for the long-term.


smartphone app


With the UbiPark app, anyone parking at your building can search, navigate, access & pay for parking all from their smartphone. Available on Apple & Android devices, motorists can simply drive to your building, instantly open the barrier & park.

web-based solutions

permits & bookings

Our web-based solutions allow your customers to easily book online prior to beginning their journey. Simple & user-friendly, your business can reliably predict revenue & demand, whilst providing your customers with a seamless parking experience.

administration console

Cloud-based parking management

Deep data insights & complete customer management at your finger-tips. See you key car park metrics in real-time and personalise the car park experience for anyone accessing your building. Automated & intelligent, it’s data to drive your car park performance.

smartphone access

access lane hardware

UbiPark lane technology utilises Bluetooth to detect motorists and allow them to open the car park barrier instantly from their smartphone. Whether using the UbiPark app or a customised solution, all electronically controlled doors and gates can be securely accessed with our technology.

the choice is yours

flexible access options

As a completely flexible solution, you can decide which access method you would like for your car park. Use our smartphone app and access technology or integrate with LPR, passcards, key fobs or any other access token you are currently using or would like to use in the future.


"Our experience with UbiPark has been first-class. We needed to solve a parking problem for our staff, and the UbiPark solution was able to do this successfully. Handling multiple user groups, with built in automation, has really helped to streamline our car park operations and save money."

Matt Callanan

Honeywell (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, VCCC)

How does Ubipark work?

Our zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit & pay for parking without ever leaving the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money & be on your way faster & hassle-free.

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