Benefits for events

Zero contact parking

Safety & hygiene is the new normal, and zero contact parking allows your building tenants & guests to enter & exit touch-free.

Fan engagement

Get people to the event seamlessly with less time spent looking for a car park more time spent engaged at the event.


New Revenue stream

Level up your revenue and create a new stream of income by offering parking at the event.

White label app

Perfect your aesthetic style and event consistency with your very own branded app.


"UbiPark created an Australian Open branded contact-free parking app. Deep-link integration allowed for connected user data and rich insights into tennis fan audiences. The parking app served up an unbeatable seamless parking costumer experience, resulting with high level of engagement from fans."

Mosstyn Howell


Australian Open

Safe Parking

UbiPark provided the Australian Open with covid safe, windows-up touchless parking, making the event safer and more streamlined for visitors and staff during covid outbreaks.

Australian Open

Fan engagement

With easier and more streamlined parking, fans can get to the event sooner and spend more time in the arena enjoying the action.

Australian Open

Exciting marketing

We designed an effective marketing strategy, providing collateral to partner car park sites as well as offering discounts to drivers.

How does Ubipark work?

Our zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit & pay for parking without ever leaving the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money & be on your way faster & hassle-free.

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