The UbiPark suite of products provides smart & flexible solutions for any car park. With a focus on automation & user experience, drive your car park to the next level.

How does Ubipark work?

Our zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit & pay for parking without ever opening the window & reaching out of the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money & be on your way faster & hassle-free.

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Find the best available on or off-street car park based on your current location, or final destination.


Using turn-by-turn navigation, UbiPark will direct you to the best entrance of the selected car park.


Open the boom gate with your smartphone, no need for paper tickets or passcards.


Automatically pay for parking via the UbiPark app when you exit the car park.

Parking for Property Owners & Operators

Create a seamless building experience

Whether you’re a property owner, landlord or key tenant, our fast to install solutions can deliver instant cost savings & efficiency gains.

  • Zero contact parking
  • Maximise car park utilisation
  • Increased revenue
  • Connect to the mobility movement

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