The UbiPark administration console provides all the data & insights you need to manage your car park & customers. Intelligent & automated, reduce your operational expenses & grow car park revenue.


One place to manage your entire car park & customers. Gain the important information you need to make key business decisions & provide better customer service. Our console also gives you the ability to automate many of the manual parking processes. Save time, save cost.

Deep data & insights

tailored reports

With personalised reporting, you can see the key metrics & numbers that are important to your car park. Real-time information allows you to confidently make business decisions to save cost & grow revenue. Understand your car park like never before.


service with a smile

With a click of the button, you can instantly manage the customers at your car park. Want to save more time? Your customers can also manage their key account information themselves, the perfect self-service solution that saves cost.

no more manual processes

Automated workflows

To provide the absolute best customer service experience, our admin console gives you the ability to set-up automated workflows for your customers, instantly replying to and answering their questions. Reduce your operational expenses & provide a memorable service experience for your customers.

Benefits OF the admin console

reduce operational expenses

Time hungry processes are a thing of the past. Make faster decisions with tailored data, automate the processes that are frequently repeated, wowing your customer & saving time.

Grow revenue

Deep data & insights allows you to identify opportuntiies to better utilise your car spaces & grow revenue. Our easy to read reports & dashboards are simple & easy to read.


manage with confidence

Manage on numbers, not on feel. Enhanced visibility of your car park customers, allows you to make confident decisions every time.


Create new products that your customers want. Using your data, create site specific products that will keep your customers coming back time and again.


“Working with UbiPark is a partnership. The team helped troubleshoot, brainstorm and work proactively in solving our complex parking issues. We felt all along that we were engaged & valued as a partner.”

Matt Cocker

Acting CEO, Hobart Airport

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