UbiPark’s Journey at Intertraffic 2024

April 20, 2024

Mosstyn and Will from UbiPark recently attended Intertraffic 2024, which served as a pivotal event in the urban mobility space, bringing together global industry professionals and innovators to showcase the latest advancements in traffic and mobility technology. Among the notable participants, we stood out as a beacon of innovation and progress, poised to make significant contributions to the future of urban mobility. Some of the growth opportunities and highlights included: 

Unveiling UbiPark’s Latest Advancements

During Intertraffic 2024, our team had the opportunity to showcase our latest innovations in smart parking solutions, drawing attention to cutting-edge technologies and seamless integrations aimed at enhancing the parking experience for drivers and operators. We demonstrated our recent work with Marvel Stadium and several US-based projects that have already redefined parking in high-traffic facilities. 

Connecting with Industry Peers

Intertraffic 2024 provided invaluable networking opportunities, from engaging panel discussions to intimate networking sessions. These interactions facilitated new partnerships and provided insights into emerging trends and market dynamics, fueling UbiPark’s growth strategy. 

We also had the opportunity to reconnect with Mexx Uljee and Jordy Bakx from SpecifAi, whom we had previously formed a strong partnership with.

Emerging Trends and Market Dynamics

By actively participating in discussions and engaging with industry peers, UbiPark gained valuable insights into emerging trends and market dynamics. This knowledge will inform our future strategies and ensure we remain at the forefront of global urban mobility innovation.

Towards Continued Growth:

Intertraffic 2024 supplied UbiPark with renewed momentum and a clearer path towards continued global growth. The event served as a pivotal moment in UbiPark’s journey, igniting ideas that will fuel continued success in shaping the future of urban mobility. 

With innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to driving positive change, UbiPark is poised to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving mobility landscape and lead the way towards smarter, more sustainable cities.