A solution for councils to help drivers decipher street signs with a click of the button, improving traffic flow & driver experience.

Benefits for local councils

Ease traffic congestion

Drivers hovering around parking spaces trying to figure out the signage blocks traffic and causes delays on our roads.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Confusing signs means more circling the block in search of a car park, which leads to increased carbon emissions.


Help drivers find parking safely & easily

Create a better driving experience in your local area and be a leader in smart city innovation.

Reduce driver frustration & confusion

Parking should be simple. The street scanner app brings back the question of parking to a simple yes or no answer.

How to use the street sign scanner

Step 1

Take a pic

Open the UbiPark app and click ‘street scanner’ from the bottom menu. Take a picture of the parking sign with the built-in camera.

Step 2

Choose side

Choose which side you are parking on. Then we’ll tell you if you can park there or not. Simple!

Step 3

Start parking

Park with confidence knowing you’re parked correctly and don’t stress about fines or being towed!


"The vision for UbiPark has always been to empower the world to travel smarter. By adding the street scanner feature into a larger mobility and smart city ecosystem we can have a positive impact on traffic congestion now."

Mosstyn Howell

CEO, UbiPark

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