Benefits for smart buildings

INCREASE revenue

Squeeze more juice from the lemon. Better utilise your car spaces to maximise revenue. Offer parking based on demand & attract new revenue if spaces are available.

secure your tenants

Reducing cost & providing financial assistance will ensure your tenants are incentivised to stick around for the long-term.


Zero contact parking

Safety & hygiene is the new normal, and zero contact parking allows your building tenants & guests to enter & exit touch-free.

flexible & agile

Familliar with hot desking for office spaces? Agile parking works exactly the same way. Multiple people use the same car space each day.


“Managing employee parking has always been an area that Sunsuper wanted to automate to improve the experience for our people. With agile parking, our employees now have flexibility and choice. Our Workplace team are also seeing daily efficiency gains as we embed UbiPark”.

Adam Fitzhenry



zero contact parking

“Getting staff safely back into the workplace was a key factor in selecting the UbiPark solution. They have eliminated all the touchpoints in the car park making it 100% safe against the CV-19 virus.”


automated staff parking solution

“We were using around 40% of our parking spaces on any given day. We needed a solution that could increase the utilisation without the administration hassles. UbiPark delivered a solution that fully automates staff sharing spaces to ensure we are using all our parking spaces.”


Reduce costs associated with parking.

“Now we are utilising our bays better we are saving over 50% off our overflow parking costs.”

How does Ubipark work?

Our zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit & pay for parking without ever leaving the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money & be on your way faster & hassle-free.

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