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July 28, 2022

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Welcome to the latest edition of UbiNews! Here you’re going to catch-up on all of the latest news from the world of UbiPark and smart parking. There’s been some very exciting developments since our last update, and we’re excited to share not only the news but how this can help you provide a better and more sustainable parking experience. 

At a glance, we’ll cover: 

  1. Innovative new projects 
  2. Attending the IPMI Global Parking Conference in New Orleans 
  3. The appointment of our new board directors 
  4. New additions to our UbiPark team 

Should you wish to discuss any part of the update with our team, please contact Mosstyn Howell for further details. 

New Projects – Toowoomba Regional Council 

We’re excited to announce that our white-label parking solution, in collaboration with Duncan Solutions, has now gone live in Toowoomba.  

The Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) came to us with a specific need to easily find available parking bays, offer contact-less payment and the option to extend parking time withing existing time limits. Taking this brief onboard, we implemented a white-label smartphone app solution that allows Toowoomba motorists to enjoy a seamless parking experience. The Toowoomba Parking app is now available on Google Play and The App Store. 

Importantly, the solution met a key client need to improve customer experience to make finding and paying for parking more convenient and efficient. The strategy empowers Council to find the right balance to support motorists wanting to park in the CBD and providing more opportunities for customers to visit businesses. 

For more information, click here to view the official TRC press release. You can also learn more about our white-label app solution by clicking here. 

New Projects – 21 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 

In collaboration with Sensor Dynamics, we have also recently launched a new location: 21 Harris St, Pyrmont, NSW.  

The brief of this project was to provide an integrated parking solution where parking will become part of a larger smart property ecosystem.  

Integrating directly into the CBRE Host application, the UbiPark solution will allow tenants and staff to register and complete their parking from the ‘Smart Property’ app. Tenants will benefit from the Agile Parking implementation, and staff will be able to share parking spaces automatically from the UbiPark platform. This will help the tenants get their staff into the office safely and efficiently. 

For more information on Agile Parking, click here. 

2022 has already proven to be a promising year for the UbiPark team. Across June and July, we focused on sustainability and how UbiPark can continue making a positive change for the planet. We have already seen phenomenal statistics around how our integrated parking platform can reduce driving and help bring down carbon emissions, one driver at a time.

Moving into July, with the start of the financial year, things only got busier and busier. With plenty of change and exciting events in the line-up for UbiPark, we thought we’d take the time to update you on everything that has been happening and all that is yet to come.

Events – IPMI USA & Upcoming 

The UbiPark team sees plenty of value in attending global events and conferences. Not only are they a fantastic place to gain new insight into the parking industry, but they can also allow us to better understand the needs of the market and solutions businesses value. 

We have a line-up of events for July and August, including: 

Recently, Mosstyn Howell (CEO) & Will Van De Camp (CTO) attended the 2022 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. The expo focused on making parking and mobility a priority for the community. The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is the world’s largest association of professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility. Our team valued the insights gained from the attendees and keynote speakers, and from new network connections made. Watch this space! 

Conference IPMI



2022 PortCo in Vancouver – 29th August – 1st of September – This event will connect UbiPark with the best property technology mentors, alumni, and current REACH classmates from across the globe. As an  alumni of the REACH program, it is great to have an opportunity to support solutions in the proptech industry. 

UbiPark Is planning something exciting…Our team is hard at work putting together an innovative new event for our customers and partners on the future of mobility and parking. The event will be an opportunity for you to connect & collaborate with businesses across a diverse range of industries, all with the goal of creating a more seamless and sustainable parking ecosystem. Stay tuned to our socials, emails and blogs for news to come shortly… 


Newly Appointed Board Directors 

New Board

UbiPark has recently welcomed two new board directors, Graeme Ward and Shelli Trung. 

Graeme Ward is a chartered accountant with extensive senior financial experience with private ASX-listed businesses. With over thirty-years of experience managing private investments, M&A and insolvency management, he has already added endless value to our team. He has also held senior financial positions and has worked as a board member in Australian manufacturing organisations. Graeme has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Distinctions and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia & New Zealand. Graeme has represented UbiPark as CFO since July 2021. 

Shelli K. Trung is a global investor, scaleup advisor and executive coach. She has led over 50 investments (4 exits) across three continents, including Shanghai, New York, Singapore and Australia. Shelli spent her early career in corporate innovation, successfully deploying new technology across the banking, medical and transportation sectors. 

Before joining our Board of Directors, Shelli was the Managing Partner for REACH Australia and Southeast Asia. REACH is backed by Second Century Ventures and is among the world’s largest and most active proptech investors. As an expert in corporate venture capital, Shelli spearheaded the first global expansion of the scaleup program, which is now active in 5 regions. 

Team News – Introducing, Karthika Narayanasamy

Karthika Narayanasamy

The UbiPark team has been fortunate to welcome a new team member to our crew, Karthika Narayansamy. Karthika, recently joined the team as the Lead Developer. Her insight and knowledge across the digital realm will provide invaluable in furthering our platform and parking solutions. Welcome, Karthika! 

That concludes this edition of UbiNews. Should you wish to discuss any of the news topics or any of the UbiPark parking solutions, please contact Mosstyn Howell, mosstyn.howell@ubipark.com