The UbiPark smartphone app provides a true windows up parking solution. Flexible & smart, the solution can integrate with any existing equipment in your car park or buildling.

A TRUE windows up parking solution.

Our smartphone app empowers motorists to search, navigate, access & pay for parking all from their smartphone. No more paper tickets, pay stations, pass cards or manual credit card payments. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic.

it’s as simple as...


Search – Find the best available on or off-street car park based on your current location, or final destination.

Navigate – Using turn-by-turn navigation, UbiPark will direct you to the best entrance of the selected car park.

Access – Open the boom gate with your smartphone, no need for paper tickets or pass cards.

Pay – Instantly pay for parking via the UbiPark app when you exit the car park. No pay-wave or credit card readers needed.

Plug & Play

white-label & integration

Want to create a branded customer parking experience? White-label our smartphone app in your branding or integrate via API our solution with your existing website or mobile platforms.

safe & hygienic

zero contact parking

Unlike other parking solutions, our smartphone app is the complete windows up parking experience. Enter, exit & pay without leaving the car or winding down a window.

Benefits OF our smartphone app

user experience

Our app provides an unrivalled level of user experience. Society has fluid expectations, that is their best app experience anywhere will be expected everywhere. Provide an Uber like experience for parking.


Have existing equipment or infrastructure on-site? No problem. Our app is flexible & can integrate with any set-up you currently have or plan to have in the future. It’s future proofed for your changing needs.



Say goodbye to manual processes & adminstration costs. Our app automates the reporting, communication & transaction processes.


Give your customers, tenants or staff the ability to manage their own accounts through our user console. Quick & easy, reduce time spent on managing user accounts.


"We're aiming to reduce the number of touch-points in the customer journey, starting with the car park. UbiPark is one of the tools we intend to have as a centrepiece for recovery in that part of our business. We didn't really have any idea just how relevant the windows-up technology would be going forward. It's now able to offer us a more hygienic solution to customers of our car park."

Beau Vigushin

Executive Director, Customer Experience, Arts Centre Melbourne

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