Agile parking, a zero contact parking solution, maximises available car spaces & reduces the cost of overflow parking expenses for your tenants.

WHAT IS agile parking?

Familiar with hot-desking in offices? Agile parking works exactly the same way. Multiple people using the same car space daily.

underutilised parking

You’re paying for empty spaces

On average, 40% of your car spaces are underutilised by your staff. The result? You’re paying for empty bays. Agile parking allows multiple people to use the same space each day, better utilising the car spaces you control.

Zero contact parking


Upon arrival, the motorist can instantly open the barrier with a smartphone app. Have existing parking equipment? No problem. Our solution integrates seamlessly with any platform or hardware.

Overflow Parking

No space?

No worries. If the building is full, our agile parking solution will show the motorists the nearest available on or off-street car space. Save time & save money.

Benefits OF Agile parking

Reduced parking costs

By utilising your car spaces better than ever before, you can reduce or eliminate the need for costly overflow parking. On average, our customers are enjoying a 50% reduction in costs.

parking made easy

Your building tenants & their guests can now more reliably park in your building. Say goodbye to circling the block looking for a car space.


take the pain out of admin

Agile parking is smart & automated, reducing the amount of manual work needed to manage your staff and their parking.

zero contact parking

Provide your staff with a safe & hygienic way of accessing your building. The ‘new normal’ will focus on zero contact parking, our solution is the complete windows-up experience.


“Getting staff safely back into the workplace was a key factor in selecting the UbiPark solution. They have eliminated all the touchpoints in the car park making it 100% safe against the CV-19 virus.”

Adam Fitzhenry


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