Agile parking; A zero-contact, accounts-based parking solution for underutilized parking in a hybrid-working world.

For property owners with all users in mind

Agile Parking has been created with the intention of resolving the parking problems of all key stakeholders.


Asset Owners: Empowers asset owners to efficiently manage buildings, tenants, and parking spaces, including governing rules. The platform integrates property management, enhancing tenant experiences and reducing administrative burdens and costs for owners.


Tenants: Tenants benefit from the platform’s functionality by allocating parking bays based on specific needs. This grants them the autonomy to handle parking changes, onboarding, and user management independently. Agile Parking enhances convenience, flexibility, and efficiency in parking management for a seamless experience.


The End User: Motorists effortlessly navigate entry and exit points. The platform allows convenient online booking of parking spaces, ensuring stress-free and punctual experiences. This empowers motorists with control and peace of mind.

Benefits OF Agile parking

Increased Utilisation

Agile Parking encourages employees back into the office by allowing them to book a parking spot for their in-office workdays.

Self Management

Employees can book car parking spaces for when they will be using office resources. This takes the pressure off of the tenant or HR departments that may have previously needed to manage complicated parking.


Decreased Costs

Agile Parking ensures that bays are always used to their full capacity. This can alleviate the cost of a wasted parking asset

Detailed Reporting

Allows business owners and tenants to make the right claims and deductions on their tax, which can alleviate the costs to them in the long run. Reporting is also completed on-the-go, meaning asset owners and tenants can save significant fees in end-of-year reporting.

Flexibility & Control

Choose your method of access

Agile Parking can be integrated with a number of parking systems and software. From QR codes to passcards or a new application, the platform is made to integrate seamlessly into your business. Chat with us about your current parking system, and we will help you make it AGILE.

Take the pain out of admin

Bookings made easy

The online booking platform can be accessed at any time from any location. Users, whether they be asset owners, tenants, or drivers can utilise this platform at any time to book parking and control access on the premises.


Integrate with your parking systems

The Agile Parking system can integrate with countless parking technologies and smart property platforms. The Agile Parking platform is also constantly evolving to stay up-to-date with the newest smart property technology to guarantee a seamless parking experience.


The successful implementation of Agile Parking by the UbiPark team at Bunnings HQ has yielded impressive results. Through this innovative solution, bay utilization increased by an outstanding 80%, with 98% of car spaces being utilized on a daily basis. This has been a game-changer for the 1,950 staff members, who can now effectively share 425 parking spaces across two locations. The UbiPark marketplace facilitates seamless sharing of spaces among staff members, eliminating the need for them to search for expensive on-street parking options. The convenience of on-site parking has enticed employees to return to the office, effectively encouraging a shift from remote work arrangements. Initially, the transition back to the office was challenging as employees had grown accustomed to the comforts of working from home. However, with Agile Parking in place, the optimal utilization of office resources has prevented excessive exploitation of remote work benefits, creating a balanced and productive work environment for the Bunnings workforce.

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