A Summary of UbiCollaborate 2023

November 29, 2023

With UbiCollaborate 2023 now complete, we are taking the time to reflect on the event that was and all of the insights that emerged from the day. Themed “The Future of Parking: Technology, Innovation, and EV,” the event was led by industry figureheads and experts, all with powerful understandings of the future.   

UbiCollaborate 2023 – The Diverse Perspectives  

UbiCollaborate 2023 featured a lineup of knowledgeable speakers, all with a diverse discourse on where parking, technology and EVs are headed into the future. The discussions included:   


Q&A With Tommy Greer 

Tommy Greer, the CEO of South-East Melbourne Phoenix, engaged the audience in an enlightening Q&A session, unveiling what inspired him to found a new basketball team in the NBL. His discourse helped show people how technology and innovation supported him in creating successful fan engagement and good experiences.  

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Innovation With People 

Carl Rignoni, CEO of SixSix, resonated with the audience by emphasising the relationship between innovation and people. His address delved into how technological advancements should be tailored to cater to human needs, amplifying efficiency while maintaining a user-centric approach. 

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Marvel Study: A Parking Case Study 

The event showcased practical UbiPark case studies, such as the Marvel Stadium Parking experience. Presented by Hamish Kinsella and Jesse Lewis from UbiPark and Rina Santuccione from Marvel Stadium, this study showcased the seamless integration of technology to optimise parking experiences for fans. 

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The Future of Payments 

Elise Labuschagne from Stripe took the stage to shed light on the future of taking payments and driving transactions. Her insights emphasised the potential of evolving payment methodologies to improve operations, business sales and data-driven analytics. 

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The Innovation Equation: How to Build a Team That Delivers  

Ellis Taylor, Head of Partnerships at Real Time Australia, unlocked the innovation equation by elaborating on how assembling effective teams fuels groundbreaking progress. His session resonated with attendees seeking to cultivate teams that drive innovation and success. 

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Destination Charging  

Jonathan Leong, the e-performance manager at Porsche Cars Australia, navigated the electric vehicle terrain, shedding light on Destination Charging. His insights provided a roadmap for adapting parking infrastructures to support the rising demand for EV charging. 

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Business Intelligence Dashboards 

Mexx Uljee, Sales & Partnerships Director at SpecifAi, presented a futuristic outlook on leveraging business data and insights to transform parking solutions, further aligning with the evolving needs of the industry. This included, but is not limited to using data to predict demand, drive car park traffic and build various on-peak and off-peak payment structures.  

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Moving to Cashless On-Street Parking: Yarra Council, A Case Study 

Sean Ryan from Duncans Solutions and John Sanchez from Yarra Council jointly presented a compelling case study on transitioning to cashless on-street payments. Their discourse illuminated the challenges, successes, and transformative potential of this shift, offering a roadmap for other municipalities and parking authorities. 

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Integrations, Security, Property 

Gary Byrne, Commercial Director at Park Aid, educated the crowd on integrations, security, and property. His comprehensive insights emphasised the pivotal role of integrations and security in fortifying parking solutions, safeguarding properties, and enhancing user experiences. 

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Is EV Charging Good For Parking 

A highlight of the event was the spirited debate on whether EV charging positively impacts parking. Featuring Angelique Mentis, Allison Yeoland and Nikki Eylon on the affirmative team and Daniel Hitchcock, Mexx Uljee and Will Van De Camp on the negative team, it provided a thought-provoking exchange. The affirmative team claimed the victory at the end of the debate through a powerful rebuttal. 

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Revolutionising Fan Engagement 

The event ended with Rob Pickering, General Manager of Technology at AFL, offering a visionary perspective on revolutionising fan engagement through technology. His Q&A session with Mosstyn delved into the how technology can redefine experiences at the AFL and across all businesses. 

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Positive Feedback From Attendees 

UbiCollaborate 2023 stands as a testament to the industry’s collective commitment to harnessing technology, innovation, and forward-thinking strategies to reshape the future of parking. As well as the powerful discussions, we also received praise from countless attendees. We can’t wait to take this feedback and praise on board to create an even more successful event in 2024.