The car parking experience controlled from the dash of your car.


It’s safer, easier and a better driving experience. The built-in touchscreen in the car dashboard makes viewing and navigating to a car park seamless. It works like magic with one tap to open the boom gate.

google maps

built-in navigation

Search for a car park and the CarPlay solution will navigate you directly to the car park.

Quick entry and exit

One tap to open boomgates

With a single tap on the dashboard, drivers can open boom gates and barriers directly from the car. The car bluebooth connects to the gate and opens it automatically, letting drivers keep their windows up, with no need to reach out for a ticket.

hassle-free payment

Automatic in-car dashboard payments

Smart, integrated payments directly from your account in the dashboard.

Benefits OF carplay

reduce operational expenses

Time hungry processes are a thing of the past. Make faster decisions with tailored data, automate the processes that are frequently repeated, wowing your customer & saving time.

Grow revenue

Deep data & insights allows you to identify opportunities to better utilise your car spaces & grow revenue. Our easy-to-read reports & dashboards are simple and understandable.


manage with confidence

Manage on numbers, not on feel. Enhanced visibility of your car park customers, allows you to make confident decisions every time.


Create new products that your customers want. Using your data, create site specific products that will keep your customers coming back time and again.


“At Porsche, we want to help simplify everyday life through smart mobility technologies and services, enabling drivers to use their time in the car more efficiently and arrive more quickly at their destination. The future of mobility will be increasingly connected. This new partnership with UbiPark will enable us to explore further innovations that will greatly enhance the Porsche owner experience."

Matthias Prilipp

Product Manager, New Technologies at Porsche Cars Australia

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