UbiPark provides a comprehensive suite of access solutions for parking facilities. Whether leveraging existing infrastructure or custom-developing new systems, UbiPark Access caters to the unique requirements of each facility.

Simple, user-friendly access

Good parking access brings numerous benefits to various stakeholders, including drivers, asset owners, and building tenants.

Property owners: Adopting parking access methods provides benefits by efficiently managing access, streamlining control over facilities, simplifying operations, and promoting smoother day-to-day parking management for tenants and visitors


Drivers: UbiPark’s parking access solution offers benefits like hassle-free entry to facilities, seamless credential validation, stress-free navigation, and quick availability of parking spaces for convenient and easy parking.

Benefits Of Good Parking Access

Reduced Costs

Access systems can reduce the cost of missed parking revenue, which can impact asset owners.

Increased security

Access also boosts the security of parking garages, which can create peace of mind for a vehicle's safety.


Multiple payment options

Access systems can provide allow drivers to pay how they prefer, using cash, card or an online payment gateway.

Integrate with your current system

Access parking systems can be integrated with new or existing technology to make entering and exiting the parking lot easier. An example of this is by opening the boom gates through car entertainment systems.

Manage Parking Access Through Multiple Methods

Pass Cards

Pass card reader entry systems provide a secure and efficient method of entry, ensuring only those with valid pass cards can enter the facility, enhancing overall security.

License Plate Recognition

Choose traditional modes of parking access

License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems digitally capture a car’s license plate number and cross-reference it against a pre-authorised list of registered users. This automated process ensures efficient and accurate identification of vehicles.

App Access

Access car facilities through car play technology

By leveraging a smartphone app via CarPlay, users can easily gain entry to parking facilities, eliminating the need for physical contact and enhancing safety, efficiency, and user experience.

QR Code Access

Unique codes for each driver

QR codes serve as a convenient and versatile access method, offering drivers a unique digital ticket that can be linked to their account for parking access.


We are thrilled to share our utmost satisfaction with UbiPark's exceptional parking solutions. They have exceeded our expectations by significantly enhancing the functionality and operational efficiency of our parking facilities. UbiPark's system has successfully alleviated the burdensome manual processes, streamlining parking and invoicing management effortlessly. Their innovative parking solutions have undeniably boosted customer loyalty, leading to revenue growth and long-term expansion. We wholeheartedly recommend UbiPark for their remarkable services.

Daniel Hitchcock, Managing Director

First Parking

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