Agile parking, a zero contact parking solution, maximises available car spaces & reduces the cost of overflow parking expenses for your tenants.

WHAT IS agile parking?

Familiar with hot-desking in offices? Agile parking works exactly the same way. Multiple people using the same car space daily.

With Agile Parking, a zero contact parking solution, you can maximise the available car spaces & reduce the cost of overflow parking expenses by your staff to share and swap car parks that usually would have been reserved or unused.  ​


You’re paying for empty spaces

COVID-19 fast-tracked the flexible working week and work from home arrangements. As more organisations commit to flexible working arrangements, businesses need to deliver flexibility in parking in the same way flexibility is given to office and desk planning.

Controlled our  digital parking system, we will show your staff when car parks are available and allow you to efficiently allowed multiple people to share each bay throughout any given day.



New flexible work arrangements mean that your staff will be away from the office more often. Their reserved car spot will stay empty during the time they are away. With the ‘new-normal’ many car parks will  stay empty. Why should you pay for an empty car spot? 

With Agile Parking you allow your staff to book parking spaces in advance so spaces are better utilised & demand is forward predicted. You can also allow users with reserved bays add their spot to a pool that can be booked by other staff. 




Parking traditionally has been a “one-spot one-user” operation. To allow someone else use your car spot you’d had to swap your passcards. Sounds very manual, right? Existing parking management is time-consuming and inefficient to manage. Further, with no visibility of who is or isn’t using their car space, car parks become underutilized.

With our digital solution you can easily create user groups with different business rules, add and delete new users, as well as report on activity and costs.


Benefits OF Agile parking

Improve utilisation

By utilising your car spaces better than ever before, you can reduce or eliminate the need for costly overflow parking. On average, our customers are enjoying a 50% reduction in costs.

Flexibility and Control

Provide flexibility and control to your tenants around their carpark with managing bays and access


take the pain out of admin

Reduce the amount of administration via automation and providing control to the tenant

Improve Safety

Provide your staff with a safe & hygienic way of accessing your building. The ‘new normal’ will focus on zero contact parking, our solution is the complete windows-up experience.


“Getting staff safely back into the workplace was a key factor in selecting the UbiPark solution. They have eliminated all the touchpoints in the car park making it 100% safe against the CV-19 virus.”

Adam Fitzhenry


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