UbiPark’s zone parking solution revolutionizes urban parking with its advanced technology, providing seamless management, real-time availability updates, and improved traffic flow, ensuring optimal space utilization and reduced congestion for cities.

Shared Benefits for Cities & Drivers

Cities: UbiPark’s zone parking solution optimizes space utilization, reduces congestion, and enhances urban mobility. The seamless integration with existing platforms ensures a hassle-free implementation of smart parking in cities.

Drivers: Access real-time parking information, saving time and frustration. This experience enhances city mobility, allowing drivers to navigate urban areas efficiently and reach destinations without delays.

Why choose Zone Parking?

Avoid missed revenue

Zone Parking automates the parking system to reduce the time and labour required to manage parking facilities

Parking bay management

Drivers can easily navigate to a parking space, saving them time. They will also know the price of parking, which can avoid bill shock.


Precise and detailed reporting

Asset owners can access parking information to gain insights about supply and demand. This helps them to make informed parking decisions.

Digital payments

Zone parking can point out available parking spaces to drivers. They can then pay for parking and extend parking conveniently from their phone.

Zone Parking transforms cities

Enhanced User Experience

Zone parking simplifies the parking process by providing clear and concise regulations that apply to specific zones.

With clearly marked zones, drivers can quickly identify where they are allowed to park and for how long. This reduces the time and frustration of searching for parking and can also prevent drivers from inadvertently parking in areas where they may receive a ticket.

Optimal Space Utilization

Book and analyse parking online

Zone Parking maximizes urban efficiency, optimizing resources for parking, and streamlining city mobility for enhanced accessibility and improved urban living.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Improve street parking

By providing real-time parking updates, UbiPark helps alleviate traffic, leading to improved traffic flow and reduced congestion, resulting in a more efficient and smoother urban transportation experience.


Since the implementation of the integrated digital permit solution, Auckland University has successfully optimised its parking system to enhance administration management & user experience on-site. The integration with ITSL have effectively minimised revenue loss, while simultaneously maximising the utilisation of parking spaces. As a result, students and faculty members can now enjoy hassle-free access to parking facilities. Additionally, the parking system has streamlined the distribution of permits, reducing administrative burdens on AUT and allowing the reallocation of manpower towards more critical internal tasks

Aaron Clouston, Chief Technology Officer

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