Returning to the office after the lockdowns

Returning to the office post-COVID lockdowns

July 30, 2021

We hope you’ve spent your lockdown days usefully. Maybe you’ve picked up a new skill or enjoyed spending more time with family (even if you’ve already played all the board games and tried all your favourite recipes). This lockdown 5.0 pause has re-energised us and helped put our priorities in order.

Over the last few months with new Covid variants, we’ve all learned that we have to be flexible in everything. Currently, distancing yourself from what other people touch seems like a very smart idea. UbiPark recognises this new challenge and helps you create a more flexible, safe and effective solution to your staff parking.

That’s why we’re pushing for zero contact parking all through one simple app. Your phone becomes a remote, and all you need is to drive up to the boom gate and tap ‘open’ on the app. You can say goodbye to the endless line of people at the pay station and cruise straight out of there by paying through the app (you also can get cheap parking discounts!) and keep it cashless.

Moreover, remote work and part-time weekly schedules have become the new norm, meaning that employees are using office facilities less frequently and more sporadically. This also means monthly parking could be leaking money if you are only going into the office 2-3 days per week.

In this case, Agile parking is the best solution! It allows businesses to have multiple people use the same car space each day. As a result, it provides maximum utilisation of available car spaces and ends costly overflow car park agreements.

An off-shelf solution with immediate impact, the product already lives in many corporate buildings with an average 50% saving on overflow parking costs. In addition, UbiPark solution makes it quicker and safer than ever before. Only one digital platform will help you save your time and money and keep you away from touching buttons you prefer not to touch.