Shaping the Future of Parking: Smart Property, Connected Cars, and Mobility as a Service

July 3, 2023

At UbiPark, we have a strong vision for the future of parking; a vision that revolves around seamlessly integrating parking into three central pillars, smart property, connected cars, and mobility as a service (Maas). We firmly believe that embracing these pillars can revolutionise the parking industry, digitise the parking experience, and contribute to global mobility initiatives.   

Let’s explore… 


Smart Property: Revolutionising Parking Spaces into Intelligent Assets  

UbiPark understands the transformative power of smart property, where parking spaces evolve into intelligent assets. By harnessing advanced sensor technologies and real-time data analytics, UbiPark empowers parking operators and property owners to optimise their parking assets efficiently. Through the integration of smart parking systems, operators can gain valuable insights into parking occupancy, predict demand, and allocate resources effectively. Further, integration with smart properties supports the strategy of cities, such as Melbourne, to move on-street parking into available off-street parking bays.  

The digital parking platform offered by UbiPark facilitates drivers in effortlessly locating available parking spaces and equips property owners with actionable information. The platform is significantly beneficial for smart properties working with a high volume of hybrid workers as it caters for flexibility in the workplace while ensuring parking assets are not wasted.  


Connected Cars: Seamlessly Integrating Parking with Vehicle Technology  

UbiPark recognises the growing importance of connected cars in shaping the future of parking. By seamlessly integrating parking technology with connected car systems, UbiPark creates a personalized parking experience, including real-time parking information directly to drivers’ vehicles.  

This integration empowers drivers with instant notifications regarding parking availability, enables them to make reservations, and facilitates contactless payments, all within the convenience of their own vehicles. Above this, it also supports the reduction in CO2 emissions by allowing drivers to navigate directly to a parking space. This reduces the time that would otherwise be spent circling the parking facility or street in search of suitable parking.  


Mobility as a Service: Informed Mobility Decision-Making  

In line with global mobility initiatives, UbiPark leverages the power of mobility as a service (MaaS) to inspire motorists towards more sustainable mobility choices. UbiPark’s digital parking platform provides comprehensive information on parking availability and seamlessly integrates with MaaS platforms, empowering drivers to make informed decisions about their mobility options.  

By offering real-time parking data, including availability, pricing, and proximity to destinations, UbiPark enables drivers to evaluate the most suitable mobility choices. Additionally, the digital parking platform incentivises motorists to opt for MaaS solutions by providing perks such as discounted or preferential parking rates exclusively for MaaS users. This synergy between parking technology and MaaS encourages individuals to embrace sustainable and efficient mobility options aligned with their destinations and preferences.  

“As we envision the future of parking, we see a transformative landscape where technology and sustainability converge. UbiPark is committed to empowering drivers with real-time information and seamless integration with MaaS, revolutionizing the way we approach mobility. Through this, we can create a future where parking becomes a catalyst for sustainable and efficient transportation choices.” – Mosstyn Howell  



UbiPark’s strong vision for the future of parking rests upon the three pillars of smart property, connected cars, and mobility as a service. With equal emphasis on these pillars, UbiPark pioneers the digitisation of parking, contributing to global mobility initiatives and fostering a transformative parking experience worldwide.  

As we embark on an era of connected cities and intelligent mobility, UbiPark remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovation and revolutionising the parking industry. With our visionary approach, we propel the realisation of a future where smart property, connected cars, and mobility as a service converge harmoniously, benefiting individuals, communities, and the world as a whole.