UbiPark Street Scanner – an innovative parking solution for decoding street signs

February 22, 2021

Drivers in two Sydney suburbs will be helped by technology to put an end to confusing parking signs and make finding the right park easy. 

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said the new online solutions were selected from Transport for NSW’s Parking Innovation Challenge, which called on innovators to find new ways to use data to deliver parking information to drivers.  

“Technology is continuing to improve the way that we move across Sydney and this will definitely help with reducing the stress of parking. These trials have been developed to help drivers find parking and reduce the amount of time they spend looking for a spot,” Mr  Constance said. 

UbiPark has developed an app that allows drivers in Chatswood to scan parking signs with their smartphones to find out more about the relevant parking rules.  

“We are thrilled to work with Transport for NSW on trialling a street-sign scanner feature and better utilising parking data for smart mobility decisions. We expect to provide drivers with a better journey experience whilst also helping the NSW Government create a smarter  city of the future,” said UbiPark CEO and Founder, Mosstyn Howell. 

Spot Parking created an interactive Northern Beaches Parking Finder website that customers can use to find parking spaces in Manly. They will also be sharing the data collected via the Transport for NSW Open Data Hub so innovators can use the findings to  create new digital products and services. 

“As a pioneer in the collection and digitisation of kerbside data, we are delighted to be working with Transport for NSW and councils to ‘code the kerb’ to improve urban mobility, reduce congestion and improve driver experience”, said Spot Parking CEO and Founder, Elizabeth Zealand. 

Transport for NSW will work with Willoughby City Council and Northern Beaches Council to apply the proof of concept solutions over the next 12 months.  

Drivers are reminded it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone at any time while driving or riding, and mobile phone detection cameras are in enforcement mode across NSW.  

When a phone is secured in a holder, unrestricted licence holders are only permitted to use the phone for audio calls, playing audio or as a driver’s aid (such as navigation) while driving. If the phone can be used without touching it (such as through Bluetooth), unrestricted licence holders can only use the phone for audio calls or playing audio. 

Learner and provisional licence holders are not permitted to use a mobile phone while driving. However, they could use the UbiPark app to scan signs once they have safely parked their vehicle.  

To use the Northern Beaches Parking Finder, visit https://nb.spotparking.com.au/v2/finder 

More information available at: https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/parking-innovation-challenge and https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/mobilephones/know the-rules.html 

Media: Kaycie Bradford | Minister Constance | 0417 129 445