UbiPark Wrapped! A 2023 Recap

December 30, 2023

As the curtains draw on 2023, the team at UbiPark is reflecting on the pivotal milestones, groundbreaking collaborations, and global recognition we achieved in 2023.    

We wanted to extend a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May you enjoy a restful break and safe travels wherever you go.    

Due to the support of our customers and partners, UbiPark has had a strong 2023. Watch a recorded video from Mosstyn to find out more. Alternatively, you can read below. 

2023 by the numbers:   

2023 saw significant growth for UbiPark in all areas. Our numbers show an increase in transactions, platform users and payments through the platform. We anticipate that we will continue to drive this growth through to 2024. 

  • Transactions: Increased by 77%  
  • Platform users: Increased by 79%  
  • Payments: Increased by 41%  


Extending Our Global Presence:  

2023 paved the way for UbiPark to continue shaping a global presence, particularly in the United States. Some events that allowed us to expand our reach and define our global brand included:    

  • ProParking announced as UbiPark’s US distributor: UbiPark’s aspirations for global outreach were further solidified through an alliance with ProParking, a US firm based in Texas. This partnership paved the way for UbiPark’s accelerated growth trajectory and reinforced its commitment to offering innovative parking solutions on a global scale. Find out more. 
  • Partnership with SpecifAi: UbiPark expanded its collaborative horizons by joining forces with SpecifAi, a Netherlands-based enterprise specialising in deciphering intricate parking data. This partnership embodies UbiPark’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics to empower businesses to make informed decisions within the complex parking ecosystem.  Find out more here. 
  • Partnership with South East Melbourne Phoenix and Craig Moller: Looking ahead with enthusiasm, UbiPark inked a promising partnership with the South East Melbourne Phoenix, set to unfold in 2024. This collaborative venture, focused on supporting athlete Craig Moller, signals UbiPark’s dedication to fostering Australian community ties and contributing to sports through innovative initiatives.   




The UbiPark team attended and hosted events in 2023 that helped continue to define our presense in the market.  

  • UbiCollaborate 2023: Occurring annually, UbiCollaborate 2023 is a premier event in the parking space that discusses changes in the parking and business landscapes. Themed “The Future of Parking – Technology, Innovation, and EV,” this year’s event hosted by the UbiPark team featured an array of distinguished guest speakers. Their insightful discussions, alongside an inspiring debate, paved the way for envisioning a future where technology and innovation converge to redefine the parking landscape amidst the rise of electric vehicles.  Watch the presentations.  
  • IPMI 2023: In July, UbiPark took centre stage as a distinguished guest panellist at the IPMI 2023 event held in Texas. The engagement provided an invaluable platform to share insights, exchange ideas, and contribute expertise within the parking industry’s vibrant landscape.  Find out more here 



  • Securing US Patent: UbiPark’s pursuit of innovation reached new heights with the acquisition of a US patent for its revolutionary car park management system.This achievement, complementing the previously awarded UK patent for their groundbreaking car park entry and exit model, underscores UbiPark’s commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine the parking industry’s landscape. Find out more. 


A Summary 

As UbiPark bids farewell to an eventful year, these milestones serve as testaments to our dedication, innovation-driven ethos, and commitment to shaping the future of parking. With eyes set on the horizon, we are poised to continue revolutionising the industry and fostering impactful collaborations that resonate globally.  

Watch Mosstyn’s video for more information.