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UbiPark benefits for drivers


Our technology integrates seamlessly into any mobility or guidance platform or application. Plug and play.

User Experience

A simple & easy to use parking experience will ensure your customers love using our technology.


Increase Revenue

By offering parking as part of your mobility platform, you can share in the revenue generated from parking transactions.

Connected Travel

The mobility movement has begun, enjoy first mover advantage & provide your customers with a memorable mobility experience.


"It's important for arevo to provide commuters with all modes of transport & historically parking has been difficult to present to app users. UbiPark integrated seamlessly with our app and allowed the RACV to create a new revenue line from our MaaS investment.”

Max Wang

Senior Product Manager, RACV


Parking is an integral part of the transport solution

“Parking is important to the arevo solution. UbiPark has made it extremely easy to integrate the parking functionality into the arevo application.”


Reduce traffic congestion

“With parking creating almost third of urban traffic congestion we wanted to ensure our parking solution had a positive impact in this area. UbiPark has delivered a solution that reduces traffic congestion and CO2 emissions caused when searching for a suitable parking space.”


Provide a new revenue line for our MaaS solution

“There are not too many areas that allow us to get a return on our MaaS investment. The commercial model proposed to us by UbiPark not only was cost-effective it also opened a revenue line.”

Integrate with your mobility solution

Our platform can be integrated into any platform providing complete flexibility for your mobility platform. Integrate into a web-based solution or directly into your existing app, mobile or in-car.

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