On-street parking availability now live on the UbiPark app!

April 18, 2018

UbiPark are excited to announce the release of the much anticipated on-street parking availability!


The City of Melbourne is our first city to introduce the on-street data feed with many more cities to be added.


Cities are notoriously tough to navigate during peak periods, and finding convenient street parking can be equally as difficult for all motorists. As many Melburnians can attest, finding street parking on Lonsdale St, La Trobe St, or Elizabeth St can be based on pure luck and good fortune. More often than not, motorists are searching for a long time before finally giving up and accepting the myriad of off-street parking options.


The issue is by no means limited to Melbourne. Studies by the Brisbane City Council have shown that as much as 30 per cent of traffic congestion in cities around Australia is caused by motorist searching for parking.


Now live in the App Store and Google Play, the release of live on-street parking data aims to solve traffic and congestion issues. The on-street parking feature will give you the ability to see available parking bays and related restrictions, allowing you to search and navigate with ease in your current location or final destination. Information displayed to the user includes detailed maps of all on-street parking bays, number of parking bays, available and occupied spaces.


The added feature supports the UbiPark goal or providing motorists with hassle free parking and to Park. Quick. Smart. The team continues to work on exciting new features with the release of UbiPay coming in May 2018.


We’d welcome any feedback on the new feature and you can contact the team by email, customersupport@ubipark.com