Common Parking Challenges Businesses Are Facing in 2024

April 24, 2024

As we venture further into 2024, the challenges surrounding parking have become more pronounced, prompting the need for innovative solutions for business owners and drivers alike. Some of the most common parking challenges the UbiPark team has been working to solve with businesses this year include: 


Congestion Chaos

With growing populations and increasing vehicle traffic, finding a vacant parking spot has become more difficult, particularly in city centres. This congestion not only frustrates customers but also impedes the smooth flow of business operations. Employees arriving late due to parking struggles and customers deterred by the lack of available spaces can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.


Limited Space, Maximum Demand

The demand for parking spaces far exceeds the available real estate across many offices and businesses globally. This scarcity leads to intense competition, spiralling costs, and, in some cases, compromises on safety. Businesses find themselves caught in a bind, forced to balance the need for accessible parking with the constraints of limited space. 

Fortunately, the UbiPark team has implemented Agile Parking systems in many businesses across the globe, giving people a basis to share parking spaces and maximise utilisation of available parking spots. 


Environmental Concerns

Traditional parking facilities contribute to urban heat islands, stormwater runoff, and air pollution. As businesses strive to align with sustainability goals and cater to eco-conscious consumers, the imperative to adopt green parking solutions becomes increasingly urgent. However, implementing eco-friendly alternatives poses its own set of challenges, from initial investment costs to operational adjustments.

To overcome this, businesses must prioritise apps and programs that allow customers to navigate to available parking easily and book parking in advance to reduce driving time and reduce backups of congestion, which can quickly become CO2 hubs. 


Enhancing Security: The Role of Technology

With the rise of smart cities and interconnected systems, businesses must adopt robust security measures to safeguard against unauthorised access and potential threats. Single Sign-On (SSO) applications offer a promising solution, providing a centralised authentication mechanism that streamlines access while bolstering security. 


Streamlining Access: Managing Multiple Credentials

One of the challenges businesses face is managing multiple access credentials across various parking facilities and sites. This complexity can lead to confusion among employees, visitors, and stakeholders, ultimately impeding the efficiency of parking operations. Implementing centralised access control systems allows businesses to consolidate credentials and streamline the authentication process. Whether through RFID cards, biometric scanners, or mobile apps, providing a unified access experience simplifies management while enhancing security and convenience for users.


Multi-Site Accessibility: Connecting Across Locations

Coordinating access and ensuring seamless connectivity between sites presents a significant logistical challenge. By leveraging cloud-based parking management platforms, businesses can bridge the gap between disparate locations, enabling control and real-time visibility. This interconnected infrastructure facilitates the efficient allocation of parking resources, optimises space utilisation, and enhances the overall parking experience for employees and visitors alike.


Improving Satisfaction: Elevating the Parking Experience

From the moment patrons enter the parking facility to the time they exit, every interaction shapes their perception of the business. By investing in user-friendly interfaces, wayfinding signage, and responsive customer support, businesses can elevate the parking experience and leave a lasting positive impression. Moreover, leveraging data analytics and feedback mechanisms allows businesses to identify pain points and implement targeted improvements, further enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.


UbiPark is here to help

The parking landscape in 2024 presents a multifaceted tapestry of challenges for businesses. Fortunately, the UbiPark team has the skills, assets and resources to help redefine the parking landscape and improve parking for business owners and drivers alike. 

Contact us to get started on transforming your parking facility today.