Reservations parking provides businesses with the data to predict parking demand while presenting drivers with the opportunity to reserve a secure space in a parking garage.

Simplicity, Control & Certainty

Operators & Asset Owners: Reservations benefit operators and owners by offsetting operational costs. It generates consistent revenue through advance booking and payment. Yield management strategies optimize space utilization and revenue potential. Valuable data insights enable informed decisions and improved efficiency.


The Driver: Drivers benefit from reserved parking in multiple ways. They get the best-priced option for their location, ensuring no overpayment. Guaranteed secure parking near their destination reduces stress and saves time. This convenience lets drivers focus on activities without worrying about parking.

Over 50% of parking reservations occur online. Are you ready?

Reduce costs

Reservations Parking drives down the costs of managing car park assets by automating the process.

Reward systems

Reservations Parking allows car park operators to reward frequent parkers through promotions, discounts and promo codes.


Detailed Reporting

Documentation is kept in one place for reservations parking, which makes it easier to manage driver information, financial data and reporting.

Maximise utilisation

Reservations allow car spaces to be booked and paid for ahead of time, which guarantees maximum utilisation.


Gain complete control over your car park asset

Reservations offer asset owners the flexibility to choose the number of parking spaces they want to make available for reservation. By allowing for the customised allocation of parking spots, businesses can better manage traffic flow, increase revenue, and improve overall customer experience.

This service can be especially useful for high-traffic areas, events, or busy retail locations, where managing available parking spaces is critical to success.


Bookings made easy

The UbiPark reservations system is a comprehensive solution that comprises several parts, including a hosted and branded reservations website, the UbiPark Administration Console, and end-user options.
Asset owners have the flexibility to choose the number of parking spaces they wish to make available for reservations, allowing for better management of traffic flow, increased revenue, and improved customer experience. The system’s user-friendly interface is designed to provide a seamless and efficient parking experience, making it a valuable asset for businesses in high-traffic areas, events, or busy retail locations.


Integrated customer assistance

UbiPark Reservations ensures customer support through an integrated host application, streamlining property management for asset owners and enhancing convenience for tenants and motorists.


“This has been an extremely rewarding project for Marvel Stadium (AFL). The ability to create a customised user journey, using best-practice product design frameworks, has delivered a solution that meets our exact needs. To summarise the impact of the solution in few words - It is super easy to use! We’re proud of this project and the ability to drive efficiencies and additional parking revenue to stadium, in both event and non-event periods.”

Megan O’Toole, Stadium Operations and Major Events Manager

Marvel Stadium

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