Launching UbiPark App Via Apple Carplay

UbiPark App CarPlay Launch

October 6, 2021

We love technology! And we recognise how important it’s progression is. Changes in technology lead to an increased value across a wide range of categories, such as financial, social, physical, intellectual, and in our case it makes parking seamless, safe and efficient!

That’s why we are super excited to announce that UbiPark is launching its own app via CarPlay. We had it as a smartphone app, and now it is available in the dashboard of your car! Watch our YouTube video to see it in action!

Utilising your smartphone in the car has lots of benefits, from playing music to using navigation. However, we always point out: it is all about your safety! Notifications from all your apps could distract you on the road. Plus, the small screen elements of most apps aren’t fit for quick interaction while driving.

UbiPark now provides an UniPark App via CarPlay to make your phone’s best features available on the road in a safer manner. The built-in touchscreen in the car dashboard makes viewing and navigating to a carpark seamless. It works like magic with one tap to open the boom gate!

What does our CarPlay App mean for its users?
It’s safer, more accessible and provides a better driving experience. Also, it’s as simple as SNAP:

Search – find the best available on or off-street car park based on your current location or final destination.
Navigate – using turn-by-turn navigation, UbiPark CarPlay App will direct you to the best entrance of the selected car park.
Access – open the boom gate with your CarPlay App, no need for paper tickets or passcards.
Pay – instantly pay for parking via the UbiPark app when you exit the car park. No pay-wave or credit card readers are needed.

What does our CarPlay App mean for property owners?
Just like with the smartphone app all data from UbiPark CarPlay App will be accumulated in our administration console. Have a look at the benefits that admin console brings to the property owners:

Reducing operational expenses – making faster decisions with tailored data, automating the frequently repeated processes, wowing your customer and saving time.
Managing with confidence – enhanced visibility of your car park customers allows you to make confident decisions every time.
Growing revenue – deep data and insights allows you to identify opportunities to utilise your car spaces better and increase revenue. Our easy-to-read reports and dashboards are simple and understandable.
Innovation – using your data, create site-specific products that will keep your customers coming back time and again.

Our CarPlay App is another way to streamline parking and increase the safety of your business. Moreover, helping tenants survive the economic impacts of COVID-19 is the priority. Thus UbiPark parking solution and our new CarPlay App is the parking solution that will solve a lot of your issues.

We strive to make your parking experience seamless in your day-to-day life through smart mobility technologies and services. Our goal is to enable drivers to use their time in the car more efficiently and arrive more quickly at their destination.

CarPlay brings a true windows-up parking solution to your carpark! With a premium on people’s health and safety, our CarPlay App provides an ideal way to improve the parking experience immediately.

Download the UbiPark CarPlay App in the car and enjoy the new technology opportunities!