UbiCollaborate 2023: A Premier Event at the Forefront of Parking Innovation

November 6, 2023

UbiPark is thrilled to announce the second edition of UbiCollaborate, set to take place on the 16th of November, 2023. As a leading event in the parking industry, UbiCollaborate 2023 offers a unique platform for industry professionals to come together, collaborate, network, and explore the latest advancements in parking solutions. This year, the event’s focus revolves around “The Future of Parking: Technology, Innovation & EV,” promising insightful discussions, engaging presentations, and invaluable connections. 


A Stellar Lineup of Speakers 

UbiCollaborate 2023 features a distinguished lineup of speakers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the event. Here’s a glimpse of some of the notable presenters: 


Tommy Greer – CEO, SEM Phoenix: Major Keynote 

Tommy Greer, the CEO of the South East Melbourne Phoenix, stands as the major keynote speaker at UbiCollaborate 2023. With extensive experience in senior leadership within the sports industry, specifically in national-level basketball, Greer brings a unique perspective to the table. His corporate acumen includes a deep understanding of commercial aspects and a proven track record in overseeing projects and strategic endeavours from inception to completion.  


Sean Ryan – Chief Sales Officer, Duncans Solutions 

Sean Ryan, a seasoned professional with a remarkable 25-year journey in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) business-to-business landscape, is another speaker to look forward to at UbiCollaborate 2023. Sean’s extensive expertise has been instrumental in cooperating with major international and national companies, both in Australia and abroad. 

During UbiCollaborate 2023, Sean will partner up with John Sanchez from Yarra Council to share his expertise on moving to cashless on-street payments. 


Elise Labuschagne – Account Executive, Existing Business at Stripe 

Elise Labuschange, a highly dedicated professional with a laser focus on customers and intricate challenges, is set to make her mark at UbiCollaborate 2023. With a wide-ranging background in the tech industry, Elise boasts experience in sales, marketing, implementation, and product development. She has successfully partnered with clients, spanning from startups to SMBs and large enterprises 

At UbiCollaborate 2023 Elise will share her take on digital payments and how they will change in the future. 


Rob Pickering – CIO/CTO, AFL 

Rob Pickering, the CIO/CTO of the AFL, has led impactful initiatives to better align customer experiences with brand promises. Rob’s ability to simplify complexity allows him to be a trusted bridge between boards and delivery teams. His expertise in strategy, governance, risk, and hands-on turnaround experience makes him a go-to figure for delivering major transformations.

At UbiCollaborate, he will partner with Mosstyn in an insightful Q&A session about improving fan experiences.  


Other Speakers at UbiCollaborate 2023 

In addition to the prominent speakers mentioned above, UbiCollaborate 2023 is proud to host a diverse array of industry experts. These speakers include: 

  • Carl Rigoni 
  • Rina Santuccione 
  • Hamish Kinsella 
  • Ellis Taylor 
  • Mexx Uljee 
  • Gary Byrne 
  • John Sanchez 
  • Angelique Mentis 
  • Allison Yeoland 
  • Daniel Hitchcock 
  • Stuart Shelley 

These experts will contribute their unique insights and perspectives, further enriching the discussions and presentations at the event. 


A Debate: Is EV Charging Good for Parking? 

UbiCollaborate 2023 will mark the beginning of a new segment of discussion; a thought-provoking debate on a topic of significant relevance – “Is EV Charging Good for Parking?” 

Featuring speakers; Angelique Mentis, Daniel Hitchcock, Mexx Uljee, Stuart Shelley and Allison Yeoland, the discussion will delve into the implications of electric vehicle charging infrastructure on parking facilities, exploring the potential benefits and challenges that arise. This debate promises to be an engaging and informative session for all attendees. 



UbiCollaborate 2023 is just around the corner, and it offers a unique opportunity for industry professionals to come together and explore the future of parking. With a stellar lineup of speakers, insightful discussions, and a thought-provoking debate on EV charging, this premier event promises to be an enriching experience that opens up countless new opportunities. 

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