UbiPark to feature as a guest Panellist at IPMI 2023

June 8, 2023

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Mosstyn Howell, will be presenting as a guest panel speaker at the prestigious #IPMI2023 event in Fort Worth, Texas (June 11-14, 2023) 

IPMI is the largest international conference for all things parking and mobility. It is an opportunity for businesses and figureheads from around the world to share their discourse on opportunities to improve the parking and mobility of urban cities.     

The event is important to attend as it allows the UbiPark team to gain valuable insight into parking dialogue across international markets. This then presents an opportunity to expand the UbiPark team globally by developing new technologies and strategies, which can suit the diverse global parking and mobility demands.     

IPMI also presents Mosstyn with the chance to demonstrate his in-depth knowledge and experience of the Australian parking industry, particularly about hybrid working and major shifts in parking usage. He will also use the panel discussion to examine what changes he foresees the industry will experience in the future. His credibility in the field will help international businesses and operators understand their changing markets and what they may expect to see in the coming years. This can boost the UbiPark influence across international markets. 

The team also looks forward to the chance to network with like-minded individuals to build our network into new markets.      

From the event, we’re hoping to grow the UbiPark brand more across the domestic and international markets. We see this event as an opportunity to also be proactive on the changes we need to our current technology and infrastructure so we can remain a leading supplier of parking technology.     


Want to learn more about IPMI?   

Following our attendance at #IPMI2023, Mosstyn will share key learnings and experiences from the event. You can also follow the event via the UbiPark and IPMI social channels.