Has Tesla Fallen to Second Place?

January 24, 2017

Faraday Future launched its first electric vehicle, dubbed the FF 91 at CES 2017 on the 3rd January.Have we seen the future of parking?

Watch the Faraday Future clip below and see for yourself the future of parking:



Bosch also released a similar solution that we first became aware of at the ITS World Congress in Melbourne last October, take a look…


We believe the Bosch and Faraday Future solutions are the evolution of what we have seen with ‘Ray the Robot’ at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. See Ray in action below:



Ray’s issue is capacity. He just can’t park the cars as quickly as is required in our large parking operations.

The attraction of the car finding its own parking space in driver-less mode provides an improved customer experience that is very appealing. Also with minimal infrastructure required for these solutions the property owner will be the big winner.

One area they didn’t address is how do we know where our car is parked? Surely the car drives itself back to your location when you are ready to go.

For all you rev heads out there here is the FF 91 taking the 0-60 MPH test.