Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

April 6, 2018

UbiPark takes parking innovation to Intertraffic Amsterdam

The traffic and mobility industry are undergoing rapid change and innovative solutions are being created with increased frequency. To experience the latest developments with all the experts in the field, there is only one place in the world you need to attend Intertraffic Amsterdam.

Held every two years, in Amsterdam, the event is the largest gathering of mobility and traffic professionals in the world and attended by over 800 exhibitors from over 45 countries and 30,000 traffic, parking, mobility and city delegates. Since its launch in 1972, market leaders and experts attend this must-attend event to do business and get up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, safety, parking and smart mobility.

For Mosstyn Howell (UbiPark CEO) and Will Van Der Camp (UbiPark CTO), the event presented an opportunity to showcase the latest UbiPark product developments to the global community and learn what exciting and innovative solutions will be coming to Australia in the not too distant future.

The first thing you notice at Intertraffic is the sheer scale of the event. With hundreds of exhibitors, up more than 25% compared to the last staging in 2016, it’s little wonder delegates can wander the venue for multiple days just to catch a glimpse of the main attractions. Noted Mosstyn, “I have attended four Intertraffic conferences now and this is by far the largest. It took me nearly two days to walk the exhibition. The event just keeps growing as the importance of traffic and mobility grows”.


Driven by innovation in the traffic & mobility industry


With innovation at its heart, Intertraffic allowed the UbiPark team to meet with all the major players in the industry, including Scheidt & Bachmann, Skidata Designa, Park Now and Parkonomy to name just a few. To the team, one thing was clear, “Australia is unique on the world stage of parking. We have led the ticketless parking push in shopping centres driven by Scentre Group’s requirement to find a better way. While all the equipment suppliers have been developing new pay stations with fancy displays I’m certain that there will be a reduction of pay station sales in Australia in the coming years with a push towards online booking and smartphone solutions” said Mosstyn.


Other highlights from the conference that reinforced further the UbiPark value proposition included:


  • A clear focus on how technology and apps in particular can streamline the parking process
  • The increasing importance on payments to the parking experience, both on-street and off-street
  • A clear movement towards integration for pay-by-phone solutions with parking equipment providers
  • Development of apps for parking validation and payments


The future is payments via Smartphone apps


A windows up access and payments solution is a clear strategy for UbiPark and strongly supported with delegate feedback. “Payment via cash in car parks is reducing in Australia, the large operators are now claiming that 85% of all their transactions are online or credit card. There is no doubt Australians want a more seamless approach similar to what Uber and Taxify have created for the transportation industry” said UbiPark CTO, Will Van Der Camp, in reiterating the importance of payments.


In closing, whilst Europe brings together the best of world traffic and mobility, Australia is clearly helping to define the future of our cities, in particular the congestion that is plaguing our roads.


Note: UbiPark would like to make a special thank you to Q-Free, Scheidt & Bachmann, and Designa for hosting the team at their respective networking functions.