Returning to work post-COVID-19

May 28, 2020

Well… what an interesting few months it’s been! 

Maybe you’ve picked up a new skill for baking banana bread or love that you’ve been able to take Zoom calls in your pyjamas. No matter how you spend your time, it’s safe to say that pressing pause has re-energized us and helped put our priorities in order.

With the Australian Government making some big announcements over the weekend, it looks like we’re moving into a new phase of lifted restrictions, meaning you can soon get back to the productive hum of being around your workmates in the office.

But, returning to our normal lives will look a bit different. Remember it’s ok if you don’t feel totally safe being outside again or moving around public spaces. Germs might have taken on a whole new meaning for you and distancing yourself from things lots of people touch might seem like a smart idea. 

Parking your car is something you might not have even thought about as a  potential source of exposure to germs. But think about it – opening your window to press a button and reach out for a ticket, waiting in line at the end of the day with impatient and tired people to pay at a dingy pay station using dirty coins half of Australia have touched, might be something you want to leave in the past.

We get it, it’s a fairly old-school way to pay for parking.

That’s why UbiPark is pushing for zero contact parking all through one simple app. Think of your phone as a remote. You drive up to the boom gate and tap ‘open’ on the app and … voila! The boom gate magically lifts up without you having to press the machine for a ticket or even wind down your window! A mind-blowing, windows up experience, I know. But it doesn’t stop there. Say goodbye to the endless line of people at the pay station and cruise straight out of there by paying through the app (you also can get cheap parking discounts too!) and keep it cashless. 

And just like that, you’ve saved yourself time, money and from picking up a cold. So when you’re ready, download the UbiPark app and park quicker and safer than ever before.

Mosstyn Howell

CEO & Founder, UbiPark