Safe driving this Christmas with UbiPark

December 18, 2018

Christmas is a busy time on our roads, a time we should all take extra care to get to our destination safely. The most important thing is to enjoy time with our family & friends.

Road safety often comes into focus at this time of year, a message that is fully supported by the UbiPark team.

UbiPark takes the safety of its customers seriously and we have designed our app in compliance with Australian road laws & regulations.

Our app provides users with a navigation aid, similar to a GPS unit, helping users get to and from their destination safely and legally. We only promote the use of our app in conjunction with a commercially designed phone holder, which is fixed to the vehicle, and confirming your destination and directions prior to starting your journey.

We do not condone or support holding your phone whilst driving.

In support of our app, the NSW Centre for Road Safety states the following with regards to the use of mobile applications whilst driving*


Importantly, we provide certainty in directions and car park destination to drivers, prior to leaving on their journey. The certainty of destination also takes away the need to look for a car park, which can cause distracted driving.

Finally, UbiPark is continuing to develop new features to further improve the safety of users beyond current regulations. That includes building the app into the in-car dashboard and enabling voice activation. This will continue to ensure UbiPark supports safe driving and goes beyond or meets the regulations that protect motorists on our roads.

From the entire team at UbiPark, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas.


Mosstyn Howell, CEO UbiPark



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