UbiPark’s Top 5 Transport Apps

September 9, 2019

Whether exploring a city for the first time, running late for work and in need of the quickest route available, or looking to find a way around Friday night traffic, there are many apps available to support your travel missions across Australia. 

But given that there are so many travel apps available at our fingertips, how do we know which ones we should use? 

Below are our five top suggestions: 


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First up is Arevo – an app produced by RACV. Arevo provides personalised transport solutions to commuters in Victoria.

This app is based on your own personal travel preferences. It pulls together both public and private transport parking, ridesharing, and car and bike-sharing options and is the first mobility app to provide users with the ability to access and pay for parking via the UbiPark functionality. Victorians can make better and more sustainable transport decisions based on all transport options.

This solution is a step ahead of many apps currently on the market due to the fact it can merge all alternative transport options (including parking) together. Long term, it’ll help support future transportation models, such as autonomous vehicles, due to its versatile transport options. 


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TripView is the perfect option for Sydney and Melbourne residents looking for the quickest ways to get around. It shows a public transport timetable summary on your phone that is updated in real-time. One of the app’s standout features is that it can be used offline since the data is stored on your phone.

Other features include real-time delay and service interruption information, interactive maps, and alerts for arrival and departure times. Given this app’s many capabilities, it’s the perfect option for those exploring cities for the first time. 


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Transit is the ultimate travel companion for commuters making their way through Australia’s urban cities. Users are provided with real-time travel updates, the ability to search for directions and track transport schedules.

It also provides service alerts and wheelchair accessibility information. It’s simple, easy to use and accurate. And the good news is that if users don’t feel like taking public transport, they can order an Uber, which is now integrated with the app.


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Next up is NextThere. This app is simple, fast and real-time. It provides updates across train, bus, tram and ferry services. Similarly to TripView, it also provides alerts for delays to transport services and any major disruptions. 

The good news is that it’s available in cities across Australia, as well as regional towns in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. 


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Abil.io was created to support those people with limited mobility. With this app, users can choose what accessibility features are important to them. They can then tailor their journey depending on their own needs – for example, how far they want to walk, whether they want to use the stairs or need lift access. Ultimately, this app empowers everyone in their transport choices. 

The future for transport apps is undoubtedly exciting. As technology advances, we are seeing many avenues open up when it comes to planning for our journeys – irrespective of distance, location or personal preference. As these apps continue to evolve, they will support a new era of transformational journey planning.