Volkswagen purchase Canadian Parking Payments Company PayByPhone.

February 9, 2017

Many people in Melbourne will know PaybyPhone as the payment app for the City of Yarra. It’s an amazing result for them and the pay by app industry that Volkswagen has taken the step to invest into parking and mobility.

In 2016, PayByPhone completed approximately $300 million in parking payments from 12.5 million users in operations across Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the United States.

PayByPhone are primarily focused on one area of the parking industry which is on-street parking payments. If Volkswagen are interested in the on-street payments then surely they (and others like them) will be interested in the off-street and online parking payments as well.

It’s been reported that paybyphone are looking at licence plate camera technology in the UK. I’m certain the connected car won’t use licence plate technology in the future. The mobile phone will be used as the credential for access and payment as it is the only constant that is with us at all times.

We were already excited for a big 2017 and this has only enhanced our sentiments.