5 Car Parking in Melbourne CBD

UbiPark Bringing Life Back to Melbourne CBD

We are super excited to launch this initiative together with the City Of Melbourne. UbiPark is the technology partner enabling online booking at participating car parks in the CBD. We have been missing the buzz of our CDB, and with...

UbiPark App CarPlay Launch

Launching UbiPark App Via Apple Carplay

We love technology! And we recognise how important it’s progression is. Changes in technology lead to an increased value across a wide range of categories, such as financial, social, physical, intellectual, and in our case it makes parking seamless, safe...

Returning to the office post-COVID lockdowns

Returning to the office after the lockdowns

We hope you’ve spent your lockdown days usefully. Maybe you’ve picked up a new skill or enjoyed spending more time with family (even if you’ve already played all the board games and tried all your favourite recipes). This lockdown 5.0...

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